Introduction to SXI_MONITOR Transaction

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Introduction to SXI_MONITOR Transaction

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The SXI_MONITOR transaction is a tool in the SAP system used to monitor and manage the status of inbound and outbound interfaces. It allows you to view the current status of your system’s interfaces and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Here is a guide to get started with SXI_MONITOR:

  1. Access the transaction by entering “SXI_MONITOR” into the command field of the SAP system.
  • The interface monitor screen will appear with a list of all available interfaces.
  • Use the filter options to narrow down the list to the specific interface you want to monitor.
  • Select the interface and click on “Display” to view the details.
  • The interface details screen will show information such as the status, start time, and end time of the interface, as well as any errors or warnings.
  • If an error occurs, use the “Error Information” button to access the log file and see a detailed explanation of the error.
  • The “Monitor” tab provides an overview of the interface execution, including the number of messages processed, the number of messages in error, and the total processing time.
  • The “Details” tab provides a more in-depth look at the individual messages processed by the interface, including the status, timestamp, and any relevant messages.
  • Use the “Restart” button to clear the status of a completed interface and start a new run.

With the SXI_MONITOR transaction, you have a central location to monitor and manage the status of your system’s interfaces. This helps you to ensure that your interfaces are running smoothly and to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

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