How to process http status code 500 in SAP PO

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How to process http status code 500 in SAP PO

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Many times we have built integrations between SAP PO and a legacy system using the SOAP channel, however after having done so, it has also happened to us when consuming a web service we find that the scenario does not work and when checking the message monitor in the log section, we find a brief message “error 500 internal server error”, which does not provide details of what happened; however there is a solution for this situation:


  • Make sure you have checked the availability of the web service. You can do this by testing the web service directly from your web browser.
  • Login to SAP PI/PO and open the Integration Builder.
  • Open the SOAP type communication channel and add the option not to use Over SOAP.
  • Go to Module section.
  • Add the following values in Module Configuration.

XMBWS.NoSOAPIgnoreStatuscode = true

This allows the adapter to ignore the HTTP status code but will only be effective if used in combination with Do Not Use SOAP Envelope.

noSOAPMakeSysErrFromResponseFault = false