What is Reengineering

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What is Reengineering

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At some point we have heard the phrase Process Reengineering, and just at that moment we have asked ourselves what is the objective of carrying out a reengineering and it is very likely that we have made the same mistake, assuming in a simplistic way that it is basically taking a process and adjust it in order to optimize its management of the resources it has at its disposal; However, over time and with different approaches, I have realized that this definition is quite far from the reality that the environment presents us with.

In the strict sense of the word, it could be defined that reengineering implies taking the inputs and outputs of the process as it is being executed, ignoring how it is done and focusing on what it is desired to obtain as a result, this then allows to reconstruct in a way The structure of the process is radically different, since the past is completely forgotten and a different strategy is built, normally this is always supported by the rule of 80 – 20, in order to achieve optimizations superior to those obtained if it were simply taken the current process and will adjust.

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